Historic Objects Collection This transcription 5, page 44B, DONOHO, William C., 20 slaves, Police Dist. Various articles of the colonial black code described the punishment for slaves who struck their master or his family, as well as for assaults upon any other free persons. Catalog 3, page 90B, STOWERS, Elizabeth, 84 slaves, Police Dist. http://fisher.lib.virginia.edu/census/ . 3, page 96B, HARRISON, Hay B., 47 slaves, Police Dist. 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S. & Augusta, 89 slaves, Police Dist. Find Historical Markers Racially See how the Historic Preservation professionals at MDAH can help Mississippi communities and federal Tribes preserve historic architecture and archaeology. , Donate to a Collection Financial Donation. 3, page 98B, HILL, Harris, 77 slaves, Police Dist. On August 14, 2008, LaSalle died there. 2, page 81, ROWAN, Thomas, 97 slaves, Police Dist. Person Interviewed: James Lucas Location: Natchez Mississippi Place of Residence: Natchez, Adams County MS Date of Birth: October 11, 1833 James Lucas, ex-slave of Jefferson Davis, lives at Natchez, Adams County. Although Missouri entered as a slave state in 1821, the Compromise outlawed slavery in the remaining portion of the Louisiana Purchase area north of the 3630 line, Missouri's southern border. (As a side note, by Web1850 Slave Schedules Jefferson County (Source: Explore Ancestry for free) ($) 1860 Jefferson County, MS Slave Schedule. Missouri Office of the Secretary of State. This marriage would lead to one of the first romantic tragedies in America. lots of duplication of plantation names. 2, page 79, ROSS, John J. W., 61 slaves, Police Dist. While engaged in the 47-day siege of the Mississippi city, federal soldiers visited Davis plantation, Brierfield, about twenty miles away. 4, page 52, LEWIS, David L., Split Head Place, Jesse Chaives manager, 25 slaves, Police Dist. According to Coroner Kendrick McDonald, the apparent cause of Peshoffs death was a gunshot to the head. Planters, who had produced missouri. 2, page 84B, OQUIN, R. B., Thomas Oquin agent, 23 slaves, Police Dist. By not recognizing slave marriages as legal, owners routinely evaded this section of the code. Learn about our traveling exhibits and how to bring one to your organization. Persons who forged a free pass for a slave to facilitate escape, or persons who abducted or enticed slaves to escape risked a five to ten year sentence in the state penitentiary. 5, page 41B, SCOTT, John W., 22 slaves, Police Dist. I was born in Greenville, Mississippi. Sources . The archives has nearly 400 manuscript collections associated with the different wars in which Mississippians have served. Number -- The number of enslaved enumerated could help determine if the owner had a plantation or not, and size. 5, page 37, ARCHER, James, 98 slaves, Police Dist. 1, page 72B, GOFF, Randolph, a minor, John G. Tarsis? W., 52 slaves, Police Dist. It has been associated with many famous people throughout its history. Alexander Primus m. Mary Jackson 02 Oct 1886 The hinges, knobs, and all metal tools were built at the plantation's blacksmith building. 1, page 66B, BUIE, Isaac N., 21 slaves, Police Dist. 5, page 31B, VANCE, Abram K., 35 slaves, Police Dist. Thomas M. Green Sr., the owner's father, was one of the magistrates of the Mississippi Territory and as such, performed the marriage ceremony of Andrew Jackson and Rachel Donelson at the house in August 1791. No subscription required to play. 5, page 45, WOOD, Edgar G., Wilkin Place, F. F. F. Fletcher agent, 156 slaves, Police Dist. LARGEST SLAVEHOLDERS FROM 1860 SLAVE CENSUS SCHEDULES, SURNAME MATCHES FOR AFRICAN AMERICANS ON 1870 CENSUS. , Research at the Winter Building According to U.S. Census data, the 1860 Jefferson 3, page 97, KEY, T. J., 128 slaves, Police Dist. WebThe 1860 U.S. Census Slave Schedules for Jefferson County, Mississippi (NARA microfilm series M653, Roll 599) reportedly includes a total of 12,396 slaves. Some 36,000 former slaves are listed on the contracts, which record the freedmens agreement to work for a planter (possibly their former master) for a fee, medical care, housing, and sometimes a share of the crop. While nearly one-third of Southern families owned slaves, the number of slave owners named in the slave schedules is 1.7 percent of the total population (in 1860). Engage MDAH staff for one hour of intensive research on your project. 2, page 86B, SHAW, Mary, 55 slaves, Police Dist. 2, page 86B, BURCH, J. W., 52 slaves, Police Dist. slaveholder. microfilm series M653, Roll 599) reportedly includes a total of 12,396 slaves. 5, page 43, BEAVIN, Benjamin D., 84 slaves, Police Dist. on this list should not be a difficult research task, but it is beyond the scope of this transcription. Sometimes family units or relationships are indicated on the contracts. The payrolls for that slave 26,000 (70%); Indiana, up 25,000 (127%); and Kansas up from 265 to 17,000 (6,400%). 4, page 54B, HARRISON, Richard, 38 slaves, Police Dist. The actual number of slaveholders may be slightly lower because some large holders held slaves in It also did not change the status of slaves (or their children) who obtained freedom in Missouri through court actions, emancipation, etc. M., 64 slaves, Police Dist. 5, page 39B, PREWETT, Joseph, 75 slaves, Police Dist. The counties represented in the database: Adams, Amite, Carroll, Claiborne, Copiah, Franklin, Harrison, Hinds, Itawamba, Jefferson, Lafayette, Lauderdale, Lawrence, Leake, Lowndes, Madison, Marshall, Monroe, Noubee, Noxubee, Pontotoc, Rankin, Sunflower, Tippah, Tishomingo, Warren, Wilkinson, Winston, , Early Mississippi Marriages 1800-1900 Read More , Interviewer: Mrs. Bernice Bowden Person Interviewed: Matilda Bass Location: 1100 Palm Street, Pine Bluff, Arkansas Age: 80 Occupation: Farmed Yes maam, I was eight years old when the Old War ceasted. Get a head start on your research with our most commonly used genealogy resources. Check out our workshops and networking events for teachers. Our reference staff is also available to help with your research in the archives. Catalog record for Dawes Rolls microfilm Received of William Shaw twelve hundred dollars in full for a negro woman named NANCY aged about nineteen years of black complexion. Slaveholders assumed most of the responsibility for the conduct of their slaves, but other groups in free society were expected to adhere to the rules of the black code, as well. census, in 1870, would have been reported with their full name, including surname. 3, page 98B, SUTPHIN, A. W., 23 slaves, Police Dist. 2, page 82, KEYS, T. J., 20 slaves, Police Dist. 4, page 55B, REED, Thomas, 28 slaves, Police Dist. 3, page 97B, TRIMBLE, Michael W., 69 slaves, Police Dist. enumerated, out of a total of 3,950,546 slaves, and the transcriber did not find any such Slaves and free blacks continued to be sentenced to public whippings for various offenses. Explore online content related to historic events and everyday life in Mississippi. 4, page 60, JEFFRES, Evan S., 11 slaves, Police Dist. With statehood came new laws regarding black persons, including an 1825 law that prohibited a free negro or mulatto, other than a citizen of some one of the United States to come into or settle in this state under any pretext whatever (Laws of the State of Missouri, 1825, p. 600). former owner in 1870, vary widely and from region to region. Collections 3, page 102, GILCHRIST, Ann, 32 slaves, Police Dist. 3, page 94B, MILLSAP, William G., 26 slaves, Police Dist. WebThe history of slavery in Missouri began in 1720, predating statehood, with the large-scale slavery in the region, when French merchant Philippe Franois Renault brought about 3, page 107, NEW, C. B., 81 slaves, Police Dist. Death records often give the names and places of birth of the parents of the deceased in addition to information about the deceased. 3, page 99B, WHEATHERLY, Robert, 86 slaves, Police Dist. 4, page 55B, MAYBERRY, Mary J., 22 slaves, Police Dist. Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest estate in Forest, Va., by Lynchburg, is nearing the end of a 34-year restoration process. All games are FREE. By the 1870 The law prohibited slaves from leaving their master's property without permission and/or a written pass. Historians agree that the patrols were probably used sporadically and only at times when white citizens feared rebellion or insurrection. ABR BRADLEY W., 39 slaves, Police Dist. Traveling Trunks Book your next event at one of MDAHs four distinct venues. George, 46 - Martha, 25 - Alex, 16 - Rena, 12 - Nelson, 11 - Dudley, 8 - Frozina, 4 - Elenora, 3 - Harrison, 11 months transcriber has chosen to use the term slaveholder rather than slave owner, so that questions To check a master surname list for other Web1860 Slave Schedule Holmes County, MS. Name of Slave Owner- County- Place of Residence- Census Year _____ MATTHEW ALDRIDGE-MS -Holmes County -Dark Corner Beat -1860 JEFFERSON W. WILLIAMS-MS -Holmes County -Lexington Beat -1860 . Slave-holder Samuel Scott and his family at the height of his wealth owned 167 Slaves on seven 3, page 92, BULLIN?, David, 55 slaves, Police Dist. Due to variable film 2, page 80, WADE, Lauane?, 20 slaves, Police Dist. slaveholder. Learn more. 3, page 107, FULTON, John, 43 slaves, Police Dist. 2, page 75, BRUN?, Catherine, 20 slaves, Police Dist. (As a side note, by 1960, 100 years later, the County was 3, page 91, HARDING, Eli W., 95 slaves, Police Dist. Nelson Primus m. Nancy Nichols 06 Feb 1880 names to locate ancestors can be difficult because the name of a plantation may have been Legal authorization to maintain control of the slave population in Missouri began in the French and Spanish colonial period, dating approximately from 1682 through 1803. 5, page 43B, WOOD, Robert Y., 34 slaves, Police Dist. Miscegenation (where people of two different races have a child together) was also absolutely forbidden, though the law was difficult to enforce. The 1804 section governing the lying out of slaves was repealed in 1825. , Slave Narrative of James Lucas Read More , Interviewer: Edith Wyatt Moore Person Interviewed: Isaac Stier Location: Natchez, Mississippi Date of Birth: Jefferson County MS Miss, my name is Isaac Stier, but folks calls me Ike. I was named by my pappys young Marster an I aint never tol nobody all o dat name. . Slaves could not own or carry a gun, powder, shot, club, or other weapon. quality, handwriting interpretation questions and inconsistent counting and page numbering Professional Development by 1%, about 6,000. 3, page 105B, WADE, Nelsan? An excellent judge of the value , Biography of Benjamin F. Hastings Read More , Aka Withers Light Artillery Company A Ridleys Battery, aka Jackson Light Artillery (raised in Hinds & Madison Counties, MS) Company B Herrods Battery, aka Vaughan Rebels (raised in Yazoo County, MS) Company C Turners Battery (raised in Choctaw County, MS) Company D Woffords Battery (raised in Holmes County, MS) Company E , 1st Mississippi Light Artillery Read More . Plan your visit to our reading rooms in Jackson, where most of our archives are housed.. Cemetery category needed, Missouri. Subscribe to the MDAH Weekly Update and the Mississippi History Newsletter to keep up with all the latest news, upcoming programs, and special exhibitionsat the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. Careers View historic manuscripts, photographs and documents online and at the state archive., Archaeology Collection Who would you like to see as our next U.S. president? Melissa Shaw m. Jesse Thomas 30 Nov 1882 Most of the marriages recorded took place in Warren County and involved grooms who served in the United States Colored Troops. intended merely to provide data for consideration by those seeking to make connections between most slaves with the least amount of transcription work. 4, page 58B, KILLINSWORTH, Anapens?, 47 slaves, Police Dist. includes 185 slaveholders who held 20 or more slaves in Jefferson County, accounting for 10,600 The term County is used 2, page 84, OQUIN?, Thomas, 22 slaves, Police Dist. 5, page 40B, BOLLS, William, 26 slaves, Police Dist. 2, page 80B, ROBB, Samuel N., 22 slaves, Police Dist. Census data on African Americans in the 1870 census was 5, page 32, HARPER, Wm., 68 slaves, Police Dist. A second stronger law was passed as part of the Missouri Compromise in 1850. Authorities designed these laws in order to maintain power in the face of a growing slave population. The justice of the peace could direct that up to twenty lashes be administered. The American law made no distinction between slaves and other personal property in the territory. 5, page 33, CHAMBLISS, Drucilla, 30 slaves, Police Dist. Many were surprisingly successful, but this positive and hopeful-sounding law was offset by subsequent regulations that created a harsher slave code for daily living. These conditions put limitations on the activities of slaves and free blacks, placing the responsibility of slave control on the owners. Manager, 87 slaves, Police Dist. In 1807, persons wrongfully held in slavery were allowed to sue for their freedom - a law retained by the Missouri state legislature in 1824 that continued on the books until slavery's end during the Civil War. 3, page 1, WEST,Charles, 51 slaves, Police Dist. The new statutes allowed any citizen to apprehend a runaway slave and deliver said slave to the justice of the peace. William Shaw was born 12 Jan 1819 in Jefferson County, MS. Masters who allowed the commercial interaction were fined $300; slaves who sold or delivered alcohol to other slaves could receive up to twenty-five lashes. Received January the 29 1847 of Wm Shaw of Jefferson County Mississippi the sum of four thousand dollars in full consideration for the following named slaves to wit - SAM aged about twenty five years GEORGE aged about twenty three years ABRAM aged about nineteen years old ALFRED aged about seventeen years old TOM aged about thirty years old and AMY his wife aged about twenty years old and ELIJAH aged about fourteen months all of which slaves I do warrant sound except TOM whose health I do not warrant. WebSlaves taken up within the county or counties adjoining brought a reward of $5 to $10. 1860, if they have an idea of the surname of the slaveholder, can check this list for the surname. The territorial legislature approved a section entitled Slaves, found in the Laws of the District of Louisiana, on October 1, 1804. Both are buried in the Union Church Cemetery in Union Church, Jefferson County, MS. William owned 53 slaves per the 1860 Jefferson County Slave Schedule. The information on surname matches of 1870 African Americans and 1860 slaveholders is 3, page 92B, HINDS, Howel, 76 slaves, Police Dist. 5, page 32, HARRISON, Wade, 97 slaves, Police Dist. to locate a free person on the Jefferson County, Mississippi census for 1860 and not know History Is Lunch M., 72 slaves, Police Dist. [2] [5] In 1975, Colonel Walt Hylander and his wife Jean purchased the plantation and restored it. 5, page 35, DUNBAR, Joseph, 59 slaves, Police Dist. The dates for these records vary by county. PRIMUS MARRIAGES Negroeswas about 38% less than what the colored population had been 100 years before.) 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